Flash 21 Gelling Agent

Flash 21 is the only gelling agent approved to use in the GFS 50 Terra Torch®. System. A case of Flash 21 consists of 6-1 Liter Flash A, 6-1 Liter Flash B, gels 300 gallons or 3/4oz of Flash 21 A & Flash 21 B per gallon of fuel. Gelling agent works very well with non-ethanol high octane gasoline and or Av gasoline are the recommended fuel types. Ethanol gasoline/diesel blend (distilled water or spring water will need to be added to ethanol blended gasoline) will work but with varied results. Ethanol gasoline/diesel blend performance and ratios vary due to temperature, elevation, humidity and windy conditions. If at all possible Ethanol fuel is not recommended.

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Flash 21 PDF’s:

Flash 21 Flyer

Type 1 Mixing Instructions

Mixing Instructions Chart

Mixing Instructions for Flash 21 with Ethanol

Flash 21 MSDS – A

Flash 21 MSDS – B

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