Recommended gelling agent for Gelfire Systems Terra Torches

Flash 21 is a fuel gelling agent and is distributed in the U.S. by TYPE ONE INCIDENT SUPPORT, INC. (541) 330-4340 .

For additional information on mixing rates, safety and handling instructions please see below.

FLASH 21AThis product is a two-part liquid gelling agent solution which provides a fast, reliable gelling time and reaches a desirable viscosity that does not settle in the fuel.

Flash 21 is designed to be added to fuel as two parts, A and B, one liter of each. One box of Flash 21 has 12 liters of product, six of Flash 21 A and six of Flash 21 B. One liter of A and one liter of B will gel 55 U.S. gallons of fuel.

Flash 21 can be mixed with various fuels including straight gasoline, diesel, Jet A or Jet B if available.

Using Jet A alone will produce a good gel but because of the low flash point of this type of fuel, you may need to add 20-30% straight gas to produce a better ignition point.FLASH 21B

Flash 21 was developed to allow mixing with fuel regardless of temperature, ensuring a consistent gelled fuel mixture.

Flash 21 gelled fuel will not lose viscosity, allowing use of gel during the entire burning operation. This product mixes and disperses throughout the fuel with no lumping and sets up quickly.

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Flash 21 Flyer

Type 1 Mixing Instructions

Mixing Instructions Chart

Mixing Instructions for Flash 21 with Ethanol

Flash 21 MSDS – A

Flash 21 MSDS – B

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