Model GFS 45 – Retired

GFS 45 UTV Terra Torch

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GelFire Systems GFS 45 Terra Torch is a compact 45 gallon ground fuel ignition system engineered to fit onto UTVs, pickups, pumper units, trailers, tractor 3 point mounts, skid steers, jet/air boats, dozers allows an operator many options to operate effectively & safely in all types of conditions & terrain.

The improved GFS Gel Gun allows operator to propel ignited gelled fuel safely & effectively of distances 25 to 75ft into or onto specific target area creating a cost effective, accurate & safe method of fuel ignition.

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View New Model GFS 50 Now Available!


GFS 45 Highlights

  • GFS 45 UTV Terra Torch in Side by SideEngineered all aluminum tank & frame that’s light weight, strong and built tough for years of service.
  • The GFS 45 Terra Torch tank includes spill containment, fuel/gel mixing/re circulation system, 2 in cam lock fill spout with 2in down tube reducing flash risk & excessive vapor.
  • A Brass gear pump with 12 volt clutch ensures instant pressure, safety & excellent performance.
  • Unique 12 volt Gel Gun activates pump on demand combining safety with performance propelling ignited gelled fuel effectively 25 to 75 feet into or onto desired target.
  • Quick connect hydraulic hose fittings for ease of operating, transporting, and storing with no drip containment.
  • Fire hose pulled over gel hose & 12 volt wiring system for protection & longer hose life.
  • Included with system is a 25ft. & a 15ft. gel hose system which can be connected together for longer hard to reach applications Plumbing system includes gel gun hookup valve, mixing/recirculation valve, transfer/cleanout valve plus a pressure relief bypass line with pressure gauge for safety & recirculation.
  • Dash board controls allows operator easy & safe pump controls riding on board or standing behind unit.
  • Quick mount bracket allows unit to be easily loaded, secured & unloaded by 4 people. Designed seat area for onboard Gel Gun operation & application, Gel hose & gel gun racks.
  • Included with the GFS 45 Terra Torch System: portable 12 volt power system, 10lb fire extinguisher, case of Flash 21 gelling agent.
  • Specifications

Manufacturer: GelFire Systems, Ontario, Oregon, SAM.GOV Current, Dunn’s 079243557
Dimensions: 39in W x 36in L x 36in H, Frame: 1.5 x 1.5 x .125 tube aluminum.
Tank: 45 gallons – ASTM Grade B209 5052 – H32 aluminum – 10 inch manway w/ lid, spill containment
Quick mount frame: 42in W x 36in L flat frame, Dry Weight w/accessories 445lbs
Motor: 6.5 hp Briggs Vanguard gas – 6 to 1 gear reduction, Optional 7hp Kohler Command Pro gas 6 to 1 gear reduction or 2 to1 gear reduction.
Pump: 1in Oberdorber brass gear pump w/ 12 volt clutch system, Optional – 1.25 inch Oberdorber brass gear pump w/ 12 volt clutch system.
Gel Hose: Gates Terminator 500psi multi-purpose hose. 3/4 x 25 ft. with 1½ fire hose pulled over the gel hose & 12 volt wiring system. 1/2 x 15 ft. with 1” fire hose pulled over the gel hose & 12 volt wiring system.

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